London Calling

Quick backstory: Lisa and I have never gone anywhere for no reason other than we wanted to go. Never had our passports stamped at the same time. Let this be a lesson to you — too much grad school leads to staying at home, reading books, and writing checks to Sallie Mae.

So this fall we’re going to London. The hyperbolic if not hysterical Frommer’s review says that “Heaven will be a letdown after visiting” the hotel we’re thinking of staying at. I think it is time to splurge.

2 thoughts on “London Calling

  1. Let me tell you how overdue for this vacation we are…I actually had a moment of being glad ya didn’t link to the hotel, I’m guessing for the same ridiculous reason you left it out…what if everybody else books it before we can get our dates figured out?!

  2. I say go for it! Splurge and enjoy, life is too damn short… Scott and I still talk about our AMAZING experiences at spensive hotels in hawaii, denmark, south carolina, etc (let me know if you want the names…). Lets put it this way, would you rather reminisce about your vacation and think “wow, remember that amazing suite we stayed at?” or think “what was that average hotel we stayed at, I forget”

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