Relaxing Tidbits

I’m having a rare morning of quiet coffee sipping and web surfing on the Mac, with the Mac = “not work related.” As I mull over possible New Year’s resolutions and plans for the 12frogs Empire in 2006, I have been distracted by:

  • The Distorted Tunes Test from the National Institute on Deafness andn Other Communications Disorders. I thought I was tone deaf, but apparently I have a “fine sense of pitch.”
  • I love LibraryThing more every time I use it. The latest collective tagging endeavor reveals which books people got for presents, via the holiday2005 tag. I started adding mine, which reflects both my geekiness (Digital Identities) and my family’s shared fascination with the creepy (pop-up books on nightmares and phobias, and the Rats book).
  • Following links from Conscientious, to photographic art by Paul Cava and Sophy Rickett
  • The odd cute humor of Patches

One thought on “Relaxing Tidbits

  1. Apparently have ” a fine sense of pitch” has absolutely nothing to do with musical ability because I too had a “fine sense of pitch.” though my grade school teachers asked me not to sing in choir because I pulled other students off tune.

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