Smartass People at Work

The Corporate Line from the QuickBooks Online Edition blog has got to be one of the most amusing blog disclaimers I’ve ever read:

The individuals who post here work at Intuit and are some of the best and brightest. The opinions expressed here, while probably right and certainly smart, are their own, and are not necessarily reviewed in advance by anyone but the individual author. Sometimes, the author is audacious and decides to post an opinion without a buddy reviewing it, and at other times, she may seek counsel of a friend. Regardless, these opinions do not necessarily reflect the view of Intuit or any other person or company. Although, since these people are smart to begin with, Intuit might agree with them – or might not.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, it is possible I find this so amusing because I started working at Intuit a few weeks ago.

Saying that breaks my self-imposed rule about identifying my employer on my blog. But it is starting to seem silly that I never name that name here. I’m not an anonymous blogger, after all, and in an increasingly socially-networked world, people who really want to make those kind of connections will be able to do so anyway. (I don’t need to worry about what my co-workers or manager will think about what I write on this blog any more or less than I did before — they knew about 12frogs before I was hired.)

I’m increasingly impressed by people who are writing in the open about what they do. Right now I’m listening to Jason Fried‘s Big Things with Small Teams talk, and he’s talking about how it is okay to “make mistakes out in the open.” I may regret this later; I guess I’ll just say so here when and if that happens.

3 thoughts on “Smartass People at Work

  1. I had a phone interview this morning for a position at Intuit and was digging for information on their internal culture when I came across your blog.

    Just wanted to drop a note to say I’ve enjoyed your candor, your reading choices, the website name -love it, it all oozes with a good natured personality.

    So, I’m curious, 12frogs? I’m thinking 12 jumps, 12 leaps…taking 12 steps up a notch for quitters who are over acheivers? Don’t let my imagination wander, it won’t find it’s way back, so I’d love to hear the story behind the domain name…

  2. Thanks! I really should come up with a great story for the blog name… 12 is my favorite number, and I really like frogs. What a letdown, huh?

    I hope things went well with your interview. Intuit really is a fun place to work.

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