Relaxing Tidbits

I’m having a rare morning of quiet coffee sipping and web surfing on the Mac, with the Mac = “not work related.” As I mull over possible New Year’s resolutions and plans for the 12frogs Empire in 2006, I have been distracted by:

  • The Distorted Tunes Test from the National Institute on Deafness andn Other Communications Disorders. I thought I was tone deaf, but apparently I have a “fine sense of pitch.”
  • I love LibraryThing more every time I use it. The latest collective tagging endeavor reveals which books people got for presents, via the holiday2005 tag. I started adding mine, which reflects both my geekiness (Digital Identities) and my family’s shared fascination with the creepy (pop-up books on nightmares and phobias, and the Rats book).
  • Following links from Conscientious, to photographic art by Paul Cava and Sophy Rickett
  • The odd cute humor of Patches


meelo thinking

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Friday afternoon, we took Meelo to the vet. He wasn’t quite himself for a couple of days. At the vet’s office, little man had a heart attack.

The vet did what he could and it seemed like he might pull through, but then Meelo went into cardiac arrest again (it seems so strange, but they do use the same terms for pets as they do for people) so I signed the euthanasia paper.

Meelo was five, and he was well-loved.

Froggy Goodness Top Dozen Media Bits, 2005 Edition

Once again, a recap of the rules: new to me (not necessarily new to the world) media bits I’ve experienced in the last year. These have to be things other people can go see/read/listen to (otherwise, why put out the list?) so live shows or art gallery openings aren’t in the running. No blogs or websites either. I keep threatening to make a separate “12frogs thinks these blogs really kicked ass this year” list, but so far I still haven’t done it.

This year’s list is in no particular order, except for the last bit, and really I liked that one best of all.

Joss Whedon’s Firefly tv series (seen thanks to Netflix) and the Serenity movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, get the DVDs now.

“Smile Time”, the puppet episode of Angel. Made every bonedheaded episode worth watching. (I liked the series, but there were a few clunkers, namely, the incredibly stupid WWII submarine ep.)

The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil and Pastoralia: Stories by my favorite sick funny genius, George Saunders.

The Family Album of Lucybelle Crater, by Ralph Eugene Meatyard who took endlessly fascinating photographs .

Magic For Beginners, a book of short stories by Kelly Link. Zombies, catskins, and a world in a purse. So much to love.

Kilter: 55 Fictions, by John Gould is a collection of ultra-short stories that make you nod your head, laugh, or react like you just got jabbed.

Removing all doubt about my not-cutting-edge not-hipster status (I sometimes like to pretend the casual reader may wonder) this year some music makes my list: Green Day’s American Idiot, Bleed Like Me from Garbage, and the self-title album from Daniel Powter.

The Truth About Stories by Thomas King is simply one of the best books I have ever read. A must read for anyone who believes in the power of stories — or even for people who don’t, because this book is that important. If you only check out one thing on this list of twelve, make it this book.

That’s right, no Star Wars this year. The Frankenstein-like “Nooo!” at the end nudged it out of the top twelve. Or, like the t-shirt makes clear, we have a new master now.

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