12 frogs 2004 Top 12 Media

The third annual list, a day late but not an item short. Same rules apply: new to me media this year, has to be something others can go see (so live shows and museum exhibition are generally out) and no blogs because hey, there are enough of that kind of thing already. In alphabetical order, here are the 12 frogs top media bits for the year:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Thanks to Netflix, I watched all seven seasons this year. Though I skipped this when it was on tv, I now see that Joss Whedon is a genius.

CivilWarLand in Bad Decline
George Saunders is one funny, warped writer.

Beautiful cinema storytelling.

The Incredibles
Pokes fun at superhero comic conventions, insurance companies, and lawyers. Plus, there is the fabulous Edna with great lines such as “ask me now before I become sane.”

The Lost Thing
Intricate visuals communicate a story about alienation, hope, and depression. Shows what a children’s picture book can be.

Monster of God
Meditation on what predator animals (lions, tigers, bears) mean to people.

Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet of Wonder
Lawrence Weschler takes the Museum of Jurassic Technology as a starting point to write about the strange truths, unusuals fictions, and the concept of wonder.

The Octopi and the Ocean
Dan James created an amazing underwater fable: octopi vs. shark, the true story. Plus there are disguises, evil parents, and a bug for a pet, all printed in deep blue ink. This was the most fun I had reading a comic all year.

Set in a near-future world and populated with real characters to care about, Kelley Eskridge’s first (I hope there will be more) novel tackles issues of authenticity, power, identity.

Ever wanted to know what happens to bodies (or parts of human bodies) after death? Makes for fascinating true stories, about things like human tissue simulant.

Who Owns History?
Essays that look at history as a process, written by a historian who has a passion for his work.

Why People Photograph
Writing that looks at how photographer’s create images, and why we are enthralled with them.

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